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The Team

Why is MOBOX a Partner of The Process?

The structure of The Process programming, what is important to them, their values, and how they take care of their community and people.

Not only does their program have a purpose for each training cycle, but their coaches take the time to coach us as coaches and business owners, even from afar. This alone gave us more education in less than a year, in comparison to the years we have been in this industry.

By being Partners of The Process, we hope that we will be able to differentiate ourselves with the existing market, and inspire and educate individuals the same way The Process inspired us.

We hope to remind the people of Macau to not only settle for what already exists, but to have the courage to grow and learn that there are far more important aspects of training, than simply killing our bodies to feel like we achieved something that day.

Why did you join The Process?

In the small city of Macao, there weren’t any boxes who had values that resonated with the community.

We realized that there was something missing in what we were doing, that we were seeking for more than the simple high intensity style training that would usually drop us by the end of the WOD.

We were seeking to grow, as individuals, as community, and have a place to train, where values governed the people in it.

We have followed The Process Programming for a bit, and in doing so, learned what differentiated them from the market: they provide a competitive program, that is semi individualized, and prioritizes health and longevity, over intensity – all of which is exactly what we were looking for.

We then reaches out to become Partners of The Process, and when we were given the green light, we began to build our business, so that we could provide something unique for the community in Macao.