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Season 2023-2024 Timeline

CrossFit Open 2022

February 2023

Accumulation 12-weeks

3 April to 25 June

Intensification 6-weeks

26 June to 6 August

Competition 3-weeks

7 August to 27 August

Accumulation 12-weeks

28 August to 19 November

Intensification 7-weeks

20 November to 7 January

Competition Preparation 5-weeks

8 January to 18 February

CrossFit Open 2024

19 February

Current Training Cycle




28 August


19 November


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Welcome to a new 12-week Cycle for our LIVE, PERFORM, COMPETE and ELITE training groups!

This cycle comes after our 6-week intensification + 3-week competition phase, and with the summer Throwdown behind us, it’s time to focus on energy on rebuilding some of that top-end strength! We will be breaking this 12-week cycle into 2×6-week cycles, but our olympic lifting goals will remain constant throughout the 12 weeks!

If you haven’t watched the recorded webinars from the 24th and 25th of August discussing this new cycle and how to prepare for the Open, QF’s and SF’s, please give them a watch.

Our Oly, Endurance and Gymnastic accessory programmes will also be starting new cycles, so make sure you check out their priorities and choose the one that aligns with you (These are programmed twice per week on Monday and Fridays).

For all programmes, we will be implementing an A/B template, which means our training will vary slightly every other week. This allows for just enough structure, but also for more variety in our training.

Make sure you take the time to read through the priorities for each training group before you take on this week! Our goal is to educate our athletes on WHAT we’re doing, HOW we’re going to do it, and WHY we’re doing it. The more you can understand the programme, the more you’ll be able to get out of it!

As always, we recommend ‘easing’ your way into the first week of a new cycle. Respect the ‘RIRs’, focus on technique, and listen to your body! If you feel like you need a bit of a break, we recommend taking it a bit easier in this first week.