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Hi Team!

You may have noticed that The Process logo looks a little different at the moment…

For the month of October, the Process Community want to do our part to help raise awareness for Mental Health.

A few years ago, as a team, we asked ourselves what we were doing as a team to impact the lives of our people. We had realised that we were doing a good job in writing, delivering and guiding our people through training programmes, but we were doing very little to help our people in all the other aspects of life.

When we put it into perspective, training and exercise occupy such a small portion of our every day. We wanted to start having conversations and sharing information on the other aspects of life which contributed to health and happiness.

It’s why we decided that every online subscriber should have a coach assigned to them…It’s why we added our daily and weekly check-ins….why we started The Process the podcast…it’s what dictates the conversations that we have on our watercooler daily…

Mental Health is not a topic relevant to those with mental health disorders or diseases. I like to think of it as our thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions and in some cases, disorders and diseases. In short, it applies to every one of us.

If we can invest 1 hour a day into physical health, why can’t we invest 1 hour a day into our mental health? In the 14 years that I’ve been in the industry, I’m starting to see big shifts here (myself included), and the more conversations we have, and stories that we share, the more we can all benefit and grow.

This month is not necessarily about raising money or making a donation (although this of course goes a long way), it’s about raising AWARENESS. It’s about more conversations, more storytelling and more connection.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

Lots of love,

Ed 💚