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The Assessment

  • Meet your coach
  • Discuss your goals
  • Free 1-on-1 session
  • Assess your capabilities
  • Lay down next steps


One of the things that makes MOBOX unique is our on-boarding process. We require all potential members to come in for a free assessment with one of our coaches best suited for their goals.


Why? We recognize the movements that are included in our training program are a little more complex than other training programs, and that in order to achieve long term progress with training and exercise, people must posses a base level of movement.


Our assessment process ensures that our members meet these requirements, which consequently ensures their safety, and their long term progression with training. Additionally, this allows us to coach more effectively, knowing that all our members are able to move safely.


If you’re interested in joining our community for group classes or personal training, send us a message to set up your assessment with our team.

The Pre-requisites

  • Go through the pre-requisites for the program
  • Ensures your  SAFETY and PROGRESSION and effective COACHING in our group sessions


We have 3 distinct training groups within our group sessions program, known as LIVE, PERFORM and COMPETE. Each group program is designed to meet the needs and goals of our large and varied community and has a list of prescribed pre-requisites. If these are not met, the new member will have to attend our 1-on-1 Fundamentals sessions in order to learn and acquire the knowledge to safely execute the movements applying the correct technique.


Ultimately the goal is to educate and ensure the safety of all our members, long term progression in training and guarantee quality coaching in our group sessions.

The Fundamentals

  • 1-on-1 sessions
  • Learn the basics: how to brace, squat, clean, deadlift, press overhead and much more
  • Apply the basics in a finisher workout
  • $500/session


Our Fundamentals Course was created with the goal to graduate our members to our group sessions, with a degree of movement proficiency, self awareness, and understanding of the training methodology and movements found in our program.


We recognized that teaching people in a group format did not achieve this, and therefore moved to an individualized approach (one on one sessions with our coach), with a focus on quality.


We require all members with minimal CrossFit experience to undergo this course, and believe that it is a small commitment for someone to make, if they are looking to change and improve their lives.


This program was created to allow individuals to be comfortable and confident when transitioning to a group setting – we educate members on how to read and understand the program, the terminology used during the sessions, and to be comfortable with many of the movements. This also allows the members the chance to learn many of the philosophies we prescribe, in a relaxed and personalized manner.


Interested in joining our growing community? Send us a message to set up your assessment and fundamentals course!

Graduation Day

  • How to use TeamUp and Wodup
  • Take a photo!
  • Get some goodies!


Congratulations! You are now fully equipped to take part in our group sessions and enjoy your new sustainable, well-structured and progressive fitness journey with us.

Group Classes

The goal of our LIVE | PERFORM | COMPETE (LPC) group classes is to build a community of dedicated and passionate individuals, by providing a training program which caters to the people who follow it.


We believe that a major contributor to long term progress is education – led by our experienced coaches, we provide constant education on the why, what and how of the program.


Our LPC group sessions follow The Process Programming, which is a semi-individualized program written by experienced coaches for motivated, disciplined, trusting and growth-minded individuals. Our training program are highly structured and progressive, and are designed based on the results of our members. They are catered to you.


We have different programs plus accessory work that can be followed: each designed and catered to the goals and abilities of those who follow it.